Spectral Conditions for a Graph to be Hamilton-Connected
by Fan, Yi Zheng

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013-07-15, Vol.336-338, p.2329-2334


Reinforced Lime Concrete with FRP: An Alternative in the Restoration of Architectural Heritage
by Almerich-Chulia, Ana

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2016-08-01, Vol.851 (Advanced Materials, Structures and Mechanical Engineering II), p.751-756


Elastoplastic and Damage Analysis of Trusses Subjected to Cyclic Loading
by Sumarac, Dragoslav

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Effective Mechanical Behavior of Sandwich Beams under Uncoupled Bending and Torsion Loadings
by de Meireles, José Filipe Bizarro

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-06-30, Vol.590 (Innovative Solutions in the Field of Engineering Sciences), p.58-62


Analysis of Track Gauge Widening in Curves with Small Radius
by Popović, Zdenka

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2015-01-01, Vol.725-726 (Innovative Technologies in Development of Construction Industry), p.967-973


A Novel Methodology to Assess the Relaxation Rate of the Intervertebral Disc by Increments on Intradiscal Pressure
by Araújo, Ângelo R.

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-10-01, Vol.664 (Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering I), p.379-383


Optimization of an Invention Based on a Force Multiplier Mechanism for Wave Power Generation
by Hernandis, Bernabé

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-01-16, Vol.507 (Sustainable Development of Urban and Rural Areas), p.480-485


Wavelet Analysis: Mother Wavelet Selection Methods
by Ngui, Wai Keng

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013-09, Vol.393, p.953-958

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