SERCID: a secure mechanism for data collection in wireless sensor networks
by Mao, Yuxin

Journal of Digital Information Management, April, 2012, Vol.10(2), p.79(7)


Stereoselective synthesis of the C5-C18 fragment of halichomycin.
by Li, Qingjiang

The Journal of organic chemistry, April 20, 2012, Vol.77(8), pp.4111-4116


A Semantic-Based Genetic Algorithm for Sub-Ontology Evolution
by Mao, Yuxin

Information Technology Journal, 4/1/2010, Vol.9(4), pp.609-620


Deubiquitinating function of ataxin-3: Insights from the solution structure of the Josephin domain
by Yuxin Mao

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 06 September 2005, Vol.102(36), p.12700


Complex Structure of Engineered Modular Domains Defining Molecular Interaction between ICAM-1 and Integrin LFA-1
by Kang, Sungkwon

Kang, Sungkwon, Chae Un Kim, Xiaoling Gu, Roisin M. Owens, Sarah J. van Rijn, Vanissra Boonyaleepun, Yuxin Mao, Timothy A. Springer, and Moonsoo M. Jin. 2012. Complex structure of engineered modular domains defining molecular interaction between ICAM-1 and integrin LFA-1. PLoS ONE 7(8): e44124.

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