Correlation effects in high-energy hadron physics
by Prete, T.

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A device to characterize optical fibres
by Bosi, F

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Study of a possible scintillating fibre tracker at the LHC and tests of scintillating fibres.
by Autiero, D

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A precision measurement of charm dimuon production in neutrino interactions from the NOMAD experiment
by Samoylov, O.

Samoylov, O., R. Petti, S. Alekhin, P. Astier, D. Autiero, A. Baldisseri, M. Baldo-Ceolin, et al. 2013. “A Precision Measurement of Charm Dimuon Production in Neutrino Interactions from the NOMAD Experiment.” Nuclear Physics B 876 (2) (November): 339–375. doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2013.08.021.


Dimuon Scaling Comparison at 44 and 62 GeV
by Antreasyan, D.

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Results of a 100 MHz FADC system built in fastbus used by the UA2 vertex detector
by Bourgeois, F

Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, 1986, Vol.252(2), pp.590-595

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