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by Bordeaux, Mélanie

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by Wei Jiang

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Highly efficient exciplex formation via radical ion pair recombination in X-irradiated alkane solutions for luminophores with short fluorescence lifetimes.
by Melnikov, Anatoly R

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At what chain length do unbranched alkanes prefer folded conformations?
by Byrd, Jason N

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Nonmonotonic assembly of a deep-cavity cavitand.
by Gan, Haiying

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AMBER-ii: New Combining Rules and Force Field for Perfluoroalkanes.
by Nikitin, Alexei

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Direct C-C Bond Formation from Alkanes Using Ni-Photoredox Catalysis.
by Ackerman, Laura K G

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Conformations of cycloundecane.
by Pawar, Diwakar M

The Journal of organic chemistry, August 18, 2006, Vol.71(17), pp.6512-6515

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