Imaging Cyclotron Orbits of Electrons in Graphene
by Bhandari, Sagar

Bhandari, Sagar, Gil-Ho Lee, Anna Klales, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Eric Heller, Philip Kim, and Robert M. Westervelt. 2016. “Imaging Cyclotron Orbits of Electrons in Graphene.” Nano Letters 16 (3) (March 9): 1690–1694. doi:10.1021/acs.nanolett.5b04609.


Direct Imaging of Atomic-Scale Ripples in Few-Layer Graphene
by Wang, Wei Li

Wang, Wei Li, Sagar Bhandari, Wei Yi, David C. Bell, Robert M. Westervelt, and Efthimios Kaxiras. 2012. Direct imaging of atomic-scale ripples in few-layer graphene. Nano Letters 12(5): 2278–2282.


Topological Graphene Imaging and Fabrication of Devices
by Kaxiras, Efthimios

Bell, David C., Wei Li Wang, Sagar Bhandari, Robert Westervelt, and Efthimios Kaxiras. 2012. Topological graphene imaging and fabrication of devices. Microscopy and Microanalysis 18(Supplement S2): 1534-35.


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