Numerical simulation and experimental study of surface waviness during full aperture rapid planar polishing
by Xie, Ruiqing

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Mechanism and affecting factors of Translohr tramway guide rail side wear
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Estimation of indirect effect when the mediator is a censored variable
by Wang, Jian

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Abstraction-Guided Simulation Using Markov Analysis for Functional Verification
by Wang, Jian

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Batch gradient method with smoothing L1/2 regularization for training of feedforward neural networks.
by Wu, Wei

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A Genetic Algorithm for Task Scheduling on NoC Using FDH Cross Efficiency
by Chai, Song

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Optimization of the design of ducted-fan hovering micro air vehicles using finite element simulation and orthogonal design
by Yu, Yanan

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Modeling and simulation of ion-filtered inductively coupled plasma using argon plasma
by Wu, Chao

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Mar 2015, Vol.54(3), pp.036101-1-036101-5

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