Melting glaciers: Hidden hazards
by Zhang, Qianggong

Science (New York, N.Y.), 05 May 2017, Vol.356(6337), pp.495


Valley Chern numbers and boundary modes in gapped bilayer graphene
by Fan Zhang

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 25 June 2013, Vol.110(26), p.10546


Slc39a7/zip7 Plays a Critical Role in Development and Zinc Homeostasis in Zebrafish
by Yan, Guang

Yan, Guang, Yuchao Zhang, Junlei Yu, Yu Yu, Fan Zhang, Zhuzhen Zhang, Aimin Wu, Xianghua Yan, Yi Zhou, and Fudi Wang. 2012. Slc39a7/zip7 plays a critical role in development and zinc homeostasis in zebrafish. PLoS ONE 7(8): e42939.


BIK1 interacts with PEPRs to mediate ethylene-induced immunity
by Zixu Liu

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 09 April 2013, Vol.110(15), p.6205


Mitochondrial cAMP signaling
by Zhang, Fan

Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS, December 2016, Vol.73(24), pp.4577-4590

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