Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beam by ANSYS
by Zhang, Xin Zhong

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The Research of Cloud Computing Service Model
by Huang, Lei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-05-23, Vol.556-562 (Mechatronics Engineering, Computing and Information Technology), p.6262-6265


3D Geometric Modeling of Francis Turbine Blades Based on Wooden Patterns and UG Software
by Lu, Lei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-07-01, Vol.596 (Mechatronics and Industrial Informatics II), p.606-609


Flutter Optimized Design for a Aircraft Horizontal Tail Base on Optimus Software
by Fu, Xin Ping

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-10-27, Vol.684 (Proceedings of 2014 International Conference on Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering), p.58-63


A Level-Dependence Model and it’s Application in SFMEA
by Wu, Yu Mei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-04-28, Vol.548-549 (Achievements in Engineering Sciences), p.1543-1548


A SFMEA Method Based on Modeling and Simulation by Rhapsody
by Wu, Yu Mei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013-12-01, Vol.470 (Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Civil Engineering II), p.304-309


Development of Portable NIR Spectrum Acquisition and Analysis Software
by Liu, Cui Ling

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-12, Vol.716-717 (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science), p.1034-1038


The Finite Element Analysis of Tension and Compression Condition of Diesel Engine Connecting Rod
by Chen, Gang

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-12, Vol.722 (Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing and Automation Technologies), p.120-124


Air Compressor Piston Finite Element Analysis Based on ANSYS
by Zhou, Xin Xiang

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2015-01-01, Vol.713-715 (Mechatronics Engineering and Modern Information Technologies in Industrial Engineering), p.15-17


The New Model Research of Product Design Services Based on Cloud Computing
by Liu, Xin

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-01-16, Vol.496-500 (Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science IV), p.2621-2625


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