Design of One Equipment Command System Simulation Training Device Based on PC104
by Lei, Lei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013-10-01, Vol.437 (Industrial Design and Mechanics Power II), p.807-810


Research and Simulation on Foot Trajectory of Zero-Slippage and Non-Laterodeviation
by Xi, Lei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013-10-01, Vol.437 (Industrial Design and Mechanics Power II), p.798-802


Design of the Data Acquisition System Based on FPGA
by Yang, Yong Bin

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-02-01, Vol.513-517 (Applied Science, Materials Science and Information Technologies in Industry), p.4382-4386


Research on the Experimental Platform with Real-Time Control Based on the Experimental Process
by Cui, Zhi Lei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2015-03-01, Vol.738-739 (Sensors, Measurement, Intelligent Materials and Technologies III), p.1030-1033


Simulation of Drag Reduction Mechanism of the Wing Tip
by Liu, Xue Wei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-08-11, Vol.602-605 (Advanced Manufacturing and Information Engineering, Intelligent Instrumentation and Industry Development), p.295-298


Heating Performance Research in the Running-In Process of Wet Friction Clutch
by Liu, Yu Fei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-09-01, Vol.614 (International Conference Machinery, Electronics and Control Simulation), p.12-15


Design of Wave/Tide Simulate Apparatus’ Control Software Based on Free Port Communication Protocol
by Guo, Jun

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-08-01, Vol.599-601 (Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology IV), p.1852-1856


Ride Comfort Simulation of Minibus under Road Pulse Input
by Li, Jie

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013-12-01, Vol.467 (Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering), p.570-573


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