Instant Communication Method of Design and Development Based on Local Area Network in Linux
by Lei, Ming

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Research and Application of Self-Organizing SimpliciTI Network Protocol
by Wu, Xiao Lei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-10-01, Vol.608-609 (Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, Modeling and Simulation IV), p.541-544


Zhangjiakou a Residential Building Envelope Structure Optimization Design
by Ma, Hong Lei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-07-04, Vol.587-589 (Sustainable Cities Development and Environment Protection IV), p.247-251


Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beam by ANSYS
by Zhang, Xin Zhong

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013-10-01, Vol.438-439 (Civil Engineering, Architecture and Sustainable Infrastructure II), p.663-666


Design of One Equipment Command System Simulation Training Device Based on PC104
by Lei, Lei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013-10-01, Vol.437 (Industrial Design and Mechanics Power II), p.807-810


CCD Video Information Acquisition Technology Based on Image Pattern
by Wang, Han Bing

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013-10-01, Vol.437 (Industrial Design and Mechanics Power II), p.803-806


Automatic C Code Generation for Avionics Software Based on VxWorks653 Platform
by Wang, Ying

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-11-01, Vol.687-691 (Manufacturing Technology, Electronics, Computer and Information Technology Applications), p.3124-3127


Seismic Analysis of a High Rise Antique-Style Pagoda with Steel Reinforced Concrete Composite Structure
by Lei, Hong Gang

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2016-08-12, Vol.851 (Advanced Materials, Structures and Mechanical Engineering II), p.733-738


The Research of Cloud Computing Service Model
by Huang, Lei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-05-23, Vol.556-562 (Mechatronics Engineering, Computing and Information Technology), p.6262-6265


3D Geometric Modeling of Francis Turbine Blades Based on Wooden Patterns and UG Software
by Lu, Lei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-07-01, Vol.596 (Mechatronics and Industrial Informatics II), p.606-609


CAN Signal Capture and Analysis System
by Zhi, Jian Lei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-03-24, Vol.543-547 (Vehicle, Mechatronics and Information Technologies II), p.2234-2237


Design of the Data Acquisition System Based on FPGA
by Yang, Yong Bin

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-02-01, Vol.513-517 (Applied Science, Materials Science and Information Technologies in Industry), p.4382-4386


Design of Low Power Data Radio Transceiver Based on A7102C
by Liu, Jia Yu

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2015-01-01, Vol.719-720 (Materials and Engineering Technology), p.717-720


A Transformation-Based Integrated Modular Avionics Software Model Construction Approach
by Wang, Ying

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-10-01, Vol.668-669 (Mechanical Components and Control Engineering III), p.343-346


Flutter Optimized Design for a Aircraft Horizontal Tail Base on Optimus Software
by Fu, Xin Ping

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-10-27, Vol.684 (Proceedings of 2014 International Conference on Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering), p.58-63


Control System Design and Precision Analysis of the Spring Testing Machine
by Zhang, Han

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-12-01, Vol.701-702 (Industrial Engineering, Computation and Information Technologies), p.573-576


Circuit Design Contains a Class of Squared Term Lorenz Family Chaotic System
by Tong, Chong Lou

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-08-11, Vol.602-605 (Advanced Manufacturing and Information Engineering, Intelligent Instrumentation and Industry Development), p.2684-2687


A Level-Dependence Model and it’s Application in SFMEA
by Wu, Yu Mei

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The Non-Newtonian Fluid in the Collision
by Zhao, Jun Jie

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014-04-24, Vol.538 (Mechanical, Electronic and Engineering Technologies (ICMEET 2014)), p.72-75


A SFMEA Method Based on Modeling and Simulation by Rhapsody
by Wu, Yu Mei

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013-12-01, Vol.470 (Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Civil Engineering II), p.304-309


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