Metabolic dysregulation of the insulin-glucose axis and risk of obesity-related cancers in the Framingham heart study-offspring cohort (1971-2008).
by Parekh, Niyati

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Clinical manifestations and outcomes of pediatric chronic neutropenia
by Wan, Chuan

Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, April 2012, Vol.111(4), pp.220-227


Long-term outcome for Down syndrome patients with hematopoietic disorders
by Li, Meng-Ju

Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, February 2016, Vol.115(2), pp.94-99


Case-fatality ratio and effectiveness of ribavirin therapy among hospitalized patients in china who had severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome
by Liu, Wei

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An 11-year and 10-month-old girl with purpura and chest pain
by Chen, Pei-Hsuan

Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection, October 2014, Vol.47(5), pp.438-440

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