A thermodynamic description of the Cr–Ge system
by Li, Mei

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Kinetics of Thermal Oxidation of Titanium Nitride Powder at Different Oxidizing Atmospheres
by Hou, Xin-Mei

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Analyses of Creep and Bending Moment for Annular Section under Lots of Actional Factors
by Zhang, Yu-Mei

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Generating functions for powers of second-order recurrence sequences
by Wang, Xiao-xia

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Permeable pile technology and its efficiency analysis of soil consolidation adjacent to pile
by Zhou, Xiaopeng

Journal of Nanjing University of Technology (Natural Science Edition), 0, 2014, Vol.36(3), pp.101-105


Selfish behavior detection of cooperative relay
by Fu, Xiao-Mei

Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology, Mar 2013, Vol.22(1), pp.55-59


Robust controller design of switched two-machine power systems
by Xu, Li-Mei

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Improved Upper Bound on Spectral Radius of Graphs
by Wang, Zheng-Bang

Liaoning Gongyedaxue Xuebao / Journal of Liaoning University of Technology, Jan 2011, Vol.31(1), pp.55-57

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