A constitutive equation for graphene based on density functional theory
by Xu, Mei

International Journal of Solids and Structures, 15 September 2012, Vol.49(18), pp.2582-2589


Certificateless strong key-insulated signature without random oracles
by Wan, Zhong-mei

Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Science), 2011, Vol.16(5), pp.571-576


Effect of electric field intensity on the morphology of magnetic-field-assisted electrospinning PVP nanofibers
by Mei, Linyu

Journal of Wuhan University of Technology. Materials Science Edition, Dec 2013, Vol.28(6), pp.1107-1111


Analyses of Creep and Bending Moment for Annular Section under Lots of Actional Factors
by Zhang, Yu-Mei

Liaoning Gongyedaxue Xuebao / Journal of Liaoning University of Technology, May 2011, Vol.31(3), pp.156-159


Necessary Condition for Extreme Value of Tri-Function under Two Conditions
by Zhang, Xiu-Mei

Liaoning Gongyedaxue Xuebao / Journal of Liaoning University of Technology, Mar 2012, Vol.32(2), pp.138-140


Research on the photoelectric property of SnO(2) doped Sb
by Long, Mei

Xinan Minzu Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue Ban) / Journal of Southwest University for Nationalities (Natural Science Edition), Sep 2014, Vol.40(5), pp.768-771


Systematic studies on scan and driving model for flat panel display
by Xu, Mei-hua

Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition), 2011, Vol.15(4), pp.279-286


Extension of reverse Hilbert-type inequality with some parameters
by Xin, Dong-mei

Journal of Shanghai University (English Edition), 2010, Vol.14(3), pp.211-216

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