Methods of Identifying Reservoir Fractures in the Petroleum Industry
by Du, Jiang Min

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A Novel Numerical Method for Ground-Coupled Heat Transfer Problems
by Li, Xiang Qian

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A Non-Intrusive Polynomial Chaos Method to Efficiently Quantify Uncertainty in an Aircraft T-Tail
by Cheema, Prasad

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Wavelet-Based Multilevel Discrete-Continual Finite Element Method for Local Plate Analysis
by Akimov, Pavel A

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Successful Career in Manufacturing Enterprises
by Stan, Luciana Cristiana

Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2015-11, Vol.809-810, p.1565-1570


A Meshless Semi-Analytical Method for Solving Convection Problems in Complex-Shaped Closed Cavities
by Basarab, Mikhail

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Barycentric Interpolation Newton-Raphson Iterative Method for Solving Nonlinear Beam Equations
by Wang, Zhao Qing

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ECDM Drilling Process Analysis via Taguchi Method
by Coteata, Margareta

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A 2-D Meshless Model for Soil Subsurface Settlement
by Muzik, Juraj

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Acoustical Methods Used in the Study of Concrete Durability
by Jebelean, Eugen

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Research on Control Methods of Measuring Super High-Rise Buildings
by Xie, Xu Yang

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Efficiency of Solution Methods for Kepler’s Equation
by Nunes de Oliveira, João Francisco

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