Exposure to Indoor Pollutants and Wheeze and Asthma Development during Early Childhood
by Patelarou, Evridiki

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Apr 2015, Vol.12(4), pp.3993-4017


Ashtrays and Signage as Determinants of a Smoke-Free Legislation’s Success
by Vardavas, Constantine I.

Vardavas, C. I., I. Agaku, E. Patelarou, N. Anagnostopoulos, C. Nakou, V. Dramba, G. Giourgouli, et al. 2013. “Ashtrays and Signage as Determinants of a Smoke-Free Legislation’s Success.” PLoS ONE 8 (9): e72945. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0072945.


Nursing Education and Beliefs Towards Tobacco Cessation and Control: A Cross-sectional National Survey (GHPSS) among Nursing Students in Greece
by Patelarou, Evridiki

Patelarou, Evridiki, Constantine I. Vardavas, Penelope Ntzilepi, Charles W. Warren, Anastasia Barbouni, Jenny Kremastinou, Gregory N. Connolly, and Panagiotis Behrakis. 2011. Nursing education and beliefs towards tobacco cessation and control: a cross-sectional national survey (GHPSS) among nursing students in Greece. Tobacco Induced Diseases 9(1): 4.


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