Interaction between Obesity and the NFKB1 - 94ins/delATTG Promoter Polymorphism in Relation to Incident Acute Coronary Syndrome: A Follow Up Study in Three Independent Cohorts
by Stegger, Jakob Gerhard

Stegger, Jakob Gerhard, Erik Berg Schmidt, Tina Landsvig Berentzen, Anne Tjønneland, Ulla Vogel, Eric Rimm, Thorkild I. A. Sørensen, Kim Overvad, and Majken K. Jensen. 2013. Interaction between obesity and the nfkb1 - 94ins/delattg promoter polymorphism in relation to incident acute coronary syndrome: a follow up study in three independent cohorts. PLoS ONE 8(5): e63004.


Dietary Fat Intake and the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Women
by Hu, Frank B

The New England Journal of Medicine, 20 November 1997, Vol.337(21), pp.1491-1499


Dietary carotenoids and risk of coronary artery disease in women.
by Osganian, Stavroula K

The American journal of clinical nutrition, June 2003, Vol.77(6), pp.1390-1399


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