Socioeconomic and Geographic Patterning of Smoking Behaviour in Canada: A Cross-Sectional Multilevel Analysis
by Corsi, Daniel J.

Corsi, Daniel J., Scott A. Lear, Clara K. Chow, S. V. Subramanian, Michael H. Boyle, and Koon K. Teo. 2013. Socioeconomic and geographic patterning of smoking behaviour in Canada: a cross-sectional multilevel analysis. PLoS ONE 8(2): e57646.


Environmental Profile of a Community’s Health (EPOCH): An Ecometric Assessment of Measures of the Community Environment Based on Individual Perception
by Corsi, Daniel J.

Corsi, Daniel J., S. V. Subramanian, Martin McKee, Wei Li, Sumathi Swaminathan, Patricio Lopez-Jaramillo, Alvaro Avezum, Scott A. Lear, Gilles Dagenais, Sumathy Rangarajan, Koon Teo, Salim Yusuf, and Clara K. Chow. 2012. Environmental profile of a community’s health (EPOCH): an ecometric assessment of measures of the community environment based on individual perception. PLoS ONE 7(9): e44410.


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