Mode-specific tunneling in the unimolecular dissociation of cis-HOCO to H + CO2.
by Wang, Xiaohong

The journal of physical chemistry. A, January 30, 2014, Vol.118(4), pp.684-689


P-40: Suite Mobile: A Lab for Studying Mobile Displays in Motion
by Wang, Joel

SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers, 06/2011, Vol.42(1), pp.1245-1248


An aluminium superinductor
by Wang, Joel I-Jan

Nature materials, August 2019, Vol.18(8), pp.775-776


Effects of Particulate Air Pollution on Blood Pressure in a Highly Exposed Population in Beijing, China: A Repeated-Measure Study
by Barretta, Francesco

Baccarelli, Andrea, Francesco Barretta, Chang Dou, Xiao Zhang, John Patrick McCracken, Anaité Díaz, Pier Alberto Bertazzi, Joel David Schwartz, Sheng Wang, and Lifang Hou. 2011. Effects of particulate air pollution on blood pressure in a highly exposed population in Beijing, China: A repeated-measure study. Environmental Health 10(1):108.

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