An exposition of the New Testament : in which the sense of the sacred text is given
by Gill, John

Publisher: Philadelphia, Printed by and for William W. Woodward; Libraries: UHH


The duties of the members of a church to each other
by Gill, John

Publisher: Norfolk [Va.?], [Printed by A.C. [Jordan]; Libraries: UHH


An abridgment of an exposition of the book of the Prophet Isaiah
by Gill, John

Publisher: Halifax [N.C.], Printed at the office of the North Carolina journal for Richard Poindexter and Jesse Read; Libraries: UHH


The sure performance of prophecy : and The glorious state of the saints in heaven. Two sermons preached to the Society which supported the Wednesday's Evening Lecture in Great East...
by Gill, John

Publisher: London, printed and published by J. Chalmers, 81, Old-Street. Sold also by J. Mathews, Strand; M. Trapp, No. 1, J. Parsons, No. 21, and W. Button, No. 24, Pater-Noster-Row; T. Chapman, No. 151, Fleet-Street; W. Ash, No. 116, and J. Murgatroyd, No. 73, Chiswell-Street; D. Taylor, Union-Street, Bishopsgate-Street; and J. Fenley, Bristol; Libraries: UHH HSU


The watchman's answer to the question, What of the night? : A sermon preached to the society which supported the Wednesday's evening lecture in Great Eastcheap, December 27, 1750....
by Gill, John

Publisher: London, printed and sold for the editor, by J. Chalmers. And sold by R. Peacock, Sold also by Button; G. Terry; M. Gurney; J. Low; and J. Webb; Libraries: UHH HSU


A reply to A defence of the Divine right of infant-baptism : by Peter Clark, A.M. Minister at Salem, in a letter to a friend, at Boston in New-England. To which are added, some str...
by Gill, John

Publisher: [New York], London, printed: New-York, re-printed by W. Weyman, in Broad-Street, and sold by Mr. Francis Van Dyk, and Mr. Thomas Pringle, in New-York.--Price stitch'd in blue paper 1s 6; Libraries: UHH HSU


A dissertation concerning the antiquity of the Hebrew-Language, letters, vowel-points, and accents. By John Gill, D.D
by Gill, John

Publisher: London, printed: and sold by G. Keith, in Gracechurch-Street; J. Fletcher, at Oxford; T. and J. Merrill, at Cambridge; A. Donaldson and W. Gray, at Edinburgh; J. Bryce, at Glasgow; A. Angus, at Aberdeen: and P. Wilson, at Dublin; Libraries: UHH HSU


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